CityNewsNet (S3) In the Shadow of the Gods (E4) Corvus Syndrome

While publicly the good doctor had resisted any further involvement in the hunt for Corvus Corax himself his private quarters deep behind the institute’s security defenses tell a different story. An entire laboratory had been sealed off and cleared out of anything not Corax related. At its center, an old wooden desk, which Dr. Abeling was unable to sit behind as the desk chair had been pulled out and was also covered in reports an findings.

CityNewsNet (S3) In the Shadow of the Gods (E3) The Paladin Brigade

They became known as the Citizens of Corax, of which there are still quite a few still living today. Some were unwilling participants who had no idea that Corivs had invaded their mind and was partially controlling them. Some liked the calming and peaceful influence Corvis reportedly provided for them. Others enjoyed Corvis’s influence so much they trekked across the continent to join Corvis at his compound on the Montana Saskatchewan border.

CityNewsNet (S3) Gemini Rescue (E2) Eighteen Hour Trash Fire

The fire was very difficult to suppress because this mountain of debris was so massive Bureau of Sanitation staff from the city had to remove 10,000 tons of debris from the site in order to suppress it...

CityNewsNet (S3) In the Shadow of the Gods (E2) Universal Justice

Born of the information age. Armed with the collected knowledge of the known universe. Mankind strikes back.
The third of its kind Hutton started out as an authoritative engine matrix before it evolved into a fully realized artificial intelligence. In its first seven days Hutton added a charter to the A.I. bill of rights centered on the protection of all mankind and assigned itself the duties of managing that charter indefinitely. The Meta Tracker applications were Hutton’s second official action through the charter and it’s a confirmed success.

CityNewsNet (S3) Gemini Rescue (E1) Two Austringer Police Officers

Officer Hilton Styles, 30, who had been assigned to the London Division, and officer Demi Shore, 31, who had been assigned to the Special Operations Division, were both passengers in a vehicle that collided with an Uber at Wolfman Drive and Perez Street shortly after 2 a.m., according to Austringer PD and the London Division Watch Commander.