This dark grey clad hooded figure, wearing a metallic mirrored mask over his eyes, carries a unique pistol that seemingly shoots a variety of ammunition never before seen on the streets of Pacifica.

Carmine DiGennaro the operator of the Pacifica Bridge delivery service reported an attack on his delivery truck at the corner of Parker boulevard and Hawk street. Corroborating witness reports indicate the hooded figure appeared out of nowhere on the roof of the delivery truck while driving in midtown traffic and then moments later vanished again only to reappear inside the back of the truck.

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(CityNewsNet ) - Michael Jansen, deathly ill after consuming a new distilled concoction at the Jade Lounge, was stolen from a locked room and a secure bed at Pacifica General Hospitals emergency ward. Twenty four hours later, after an exhaustive search of the facility by medical staff, emergency service personnel and Pacifica Police, Jansen reappeared completely healthy asking to be discharged. Check the show notes for up to date reports on this mysterious figure that haunts our fair city.

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