CityNewsNet (S3) In the Shadow of the Gods (E1) 51 Seconds

Mankind has long thought itself master of this world. But, among its ranks giants grew.

Where were you when convicted murderer and reputed terrorist Corvus Corax broke out of the Dingo River Correctional Center? That event remains one of the darker, defining moments in Human - Psion relations; as fresh today as twenty years ago when Corax snuffed out forty-three lives in his bid for freedom. Forty-three lives extinguished by a single thought.

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(CityNewsNet ) - Eighteen prisoners, six guards, four police and two canine officers, an unnamed Paladin Brigade operative, and twelve innocent bystanders died; killed by a thought burst. It took fifty-one seconds from the time Corvus Corax left his cell until he disappeared into the darkness.

These points are never in dispute. A Brigade suborbital surveillance asset broadcast the footage on every available channel, including multiple outlets on the web. That day's footage caused the biggest viral video sensation the internet has ever seen before ... or since. The asset's internal AI determined the breakout was of such concern as to warrant mass notification. The world watched stunned, horrified, and speechless. That silence didn’t last.

The ensuing cacophony of outrage dredged up old fears long buried. The public demanded their governments answer for the excesses of these extra-normal beings, these Psions. Why weren’t they labeled, tagged, and tracked? Shouldn’t they be segregated? Incarcerated? Exterminated? These brutal questions reared their ugly heads as talking points and sound bytes, and digital oracles brayed forewarnings of the death and destruction to come.

Anti-Psion riots broke out from Atlanta, Georgia, to Topeka, Kansas, to Fresno, California. All in all, it took forty-eight days to reestablish some measure of normalcy to the country. The Brigade worked tirelessly in conjunction with Knight Incorporated, the FBI, Homeland Security, and local authorities. The toll was devastating, so much so that twenty years on it’s still being assessed. Recent reports from the Corax Institute estimate that over a hundred deaths, thousands of injuries, and millions of psychotic breaks are directly attributable to Corax’s escape.

He remains at large to this day. There is no reliable intelligence on his whereabouts, or even if he is among the living...

You have been listening to “In the Shadow of the Gods” episode one, “51 Seconds.” Written by Caine Dorr and Paul Ellis. Performed by Paul Ellis. Theme music, “Into the Storm” provided by Brandon Liew (lee), and is available at free music archive.

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Read the rest of the story and learn more about the illustrious Psion who nearly took over the world: Corvus Corax and those who brought him to justice at The Adventure Frequency.

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