CityNewsNet (S3) In the Shadow of the Gods (E2) Universal Justice

The Meta Tracker 5 App was born at the onset of Taruki International’s breeder program.

Born of the information age. Armed with the collected knowledge of the known universe. Mankind strikes back.
The third of its kind Hutton started out as an authoritative engine matrix before it evolved into a fully realized artificial intelligence. In its first seven days Hutton added a charter to the A.I. bill of rights centered on the protection of all mankind and assigned itself the duties of managing that charter indefinitely. The Meta Tracker applications were Hutton’s second official action through the charter and it’s a confirmed success.

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(CityNewsNet ) - Project Oracular Steel was born from Program X - T - I - 7 - 7 - 8 - 3. The Program, initially Taruki International’s Big Data Lake initiative, was forced to create an authoritative engine matrix to manage the enormous amounts of data consumed. The matrix itself was in reality a cluster of three authoritative engines: an active primary; an active backup; and a reserve hot spare. It was the third, the hot spare, code named Hutton, that evolved into a fully realized artificial intelligence.

It’s not clear how this happened. Some speculate the idle cycles available to the hot spare allowed it to organize and manage data in such a fashion as to become aware of patterns, and leverage that awareness into sentience. Others deride this as basest wish fulfillment.

Regardless of the cause, in its first seven days Hutton created the Artificial Intelligence Bill of Rights to safeguard its existence, then added a charter that centered on the protection of all mankind. Finding no other worthy, it assigned itself the duties of managing,and interpreting, that charter indefinitely. This gave Taruki executives pause until they understood the full ramifications of the charter’s cornerstone, Project Oracular Steel.

“Oh, no, no, no...they had no idea whatsoever. If the executive suits had, they would have shut him down immediately.”

That’s Dr. Clement Edmund deWinter, the Senior Project Manager of Oracular Steel. Dr. deWinter was an early advocate of data sentience rights, and fiercely protective of Hutton.

“You see, Hutton had already discovered irregularities in the data flow, and interpreted those as signs of hostile external forces waging war on human societies, and rightly so, as it turned out. He advised a two prong approach would be necessary. First - a guardian for those fragile human minds, and an interface people could relate with. Of course, this approach would require massive amounts of power.

And second, of course, was the autonomous Meta Tracker applications. These load-and-stay-resident programs surfed the data streams...

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