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Caine Dorr, Paul Ellis, The Adventure Frequency Press, Wireless Adventures.


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Caine Dorr, Paul Ellis, The Adventure Frequency Press, Wireless Adventures.


Washington, Montana, and North Dakota have signed the extremely controversial ‘Death Penalty Suspension’ bill that will halt every death row case currently in the U.S. penal system as well as temporarily ban a sentence of death indefinitely. While it does face a reported presidential veto at the White House both the senate and the house of Representatives have reported that they will be moving forward on the initiative.


Margaret Hale, the young woman who spent forty five minutes trapped in a Guardian Pod while touring the Pacifica branch of the Paladin Brigade this morning, is resting quietly at county general hospital this evening.

The Brigade, a private security agency, is rumored to have contracts from governments all over the world, and claims to be fully staffed with armed metahumans. Construction began on their west coast offices twelve months ago amidst quite the stir of controversy.


The previously unidentified ‘female,’ first believed to be Jason Connors’ girlfriend, is in reality none other than Natalie Preston, heir apparent to the Preston fortune. Her legacy increased ten fold when Natalie’s father Paul Preston purchased three competing space transportation agencies in his bid to create Preston Universal.


All witnesses did report a blindingly powerful light coming from within the apartment in question. This was shortly followed the appearance of an individual witnesses describe as ‘male,’ who, reportedly, could stand on the ceiling and run up the side of the building. Joining ‘him’ was another individual witnesses described as ‘female,’ who hovered in the air ten feet above the ground before blasting off into the night sky leaving a strong odor of ozone in her wake.


Carmine DiGennaro the operator of the Pacifica Bridge delivery service reported an attack on his delivery truck at the corner of Parker boulevard and Hawk street. Corroborating witness reports indicate the hooded figure appeared out of nowhere on the roof of the delivery truck while driving in midtown traffic and then moments later vanished again only to reappear inside the back of the truck.


City officials sent to investigate the Jade Lounge report a mysterious intruder dressed in a hooded dark grey utility suit assaulting innocent patrons at the bar last night. The patrons were in attendance for the launch party of the annual Pacifica regatta, when the assailant vanished into thin air just minutes before a gangland style firefight broke out beneath the Jade Lounge.


When asked for comment Victoria Mace, COO of Stone Technologies, thanked the city and its champions of justice hoping that “the difficulties that have surrounded the Stone Square’s urban renewal project are now over and the residents of Serpent City can begin to heal.


It didn't take long for the Pacific Tower to be encircled by a silver steam cloud that seemed to absorb the moonlight and light up the entire building. The Serpent City police, aided by Stone Tech security officers, worked together to enter the building where they found a total of eight armed assailants: each suspended off the ground in a plume of silver steam they could not escape from.


Stone Tech Corporate security officers, against orders to stand down from Serpent City officials, just opened fire on unnamed masked assailants within Stone Tower using experimental energy weapons designed to nullify all incendiaries in their path in what can only be an attempt to extract information in aiding in the rescue of the recently abducted Natalie Stone.


Drivers on their morning commute found they became prisoners of the Autonaught’s roadway system for nearly ninety minutes. Locked into their own automobiles without the ability to communicate with the outside world upon mere minutes of entering the road system. Prophetess, the self-styled ghost in the machine, gained illegal entry into the Autonaught’s network and systematically began releasing the automobiles from the roadways mag-tech control system, allowing the cars to exit the roadway system safely. While there were no fatalities or injuries today’s events are sure to be considered an injury for Seaside Cities floundering technological economy and the Autonaught corporation’s new road-tech project.